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NotAndOr is a site created to help explain some basic programming concepts related to Actionscript 3, a programming language that is used in many Flash applications.

Expect to see alot of (hopefully cool) tutorials on here, and other cool things as well.

In case you're just curious, this website got it's namesake from three of several basic operations that are used in De Morgan's Law (a concept used in programming). The first letter from each also happens to form the Vietnames word 'nao', but, that really doesn't have anything to do with programming, does it?

In any case, enjoy the site, and hopefully you find this stuff useful!


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Things I've Designed in Actionscript 3.
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The colorful orb tagging App. If you don't tag them, they will tag you. =D
That firework exploding app with combos.
Any other cool flash applications somewhere on the web? Talk about them here =).
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Confused about something? Ask about it here.
11by TheAwsomeOpossumTheAwsomeOpossum
14 Jul 2011 01:55Jump!
If your code isn't working, and it isn't in a tutorial, this would be the place to ask.
Site Upkeep
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Know a way to improve a tutorial? Talk about it here, and we'll consider updating it!
This is for all of the site errors/improvements not related to the tutorials.
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If your new to the site, feel free to post in here - try to avoid the super personal though please.
27by TheAwsomeOpossumTheAwsomeOpossum
08 Mar 2012 16:47Jump!
For threads that won't go anywhere else... after all, everyone likes Math.random();
12by TheAwsomeOpossumTheAwsomeOpossum
14 Jul 2011 01:44Jump!

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